Thursday, May 12, 2005

DARE - way cooler than that grade-school crap.

The Dutch have done it again. They're opening up a new avenue of freedom for the mind, except this time it has nothing to do with psychedelics or paid attention from a woman. The Register reports that Dutch academics have allied together to create a DARE, an initiative to create free access to scholarly publications to all. This doesn't make subscription journal services very happy, of course. But academics know better than to let that sway them, as proven by such other free and successful research archives, like the Semantics Archive, founded by Chris Barker at UCSD. Why restrict knowledge when it is only the rebuttal of former arguments that create improvement?

Hopefully others catch on. As much fun as it is to Google search something, stumble across publication titles and then sign into my VPN account with USC to access the desired repositories, I get the feeling that a freer and more organized knowledge base will be more enjoyable to all involved.

(DAREnet is still mostly Dutch language only, which makes me happy to have learned German. If you're wondering, 'zoekken' will get you to a search page. Many articles are however in English, so three cheers to American linguistic imperialism.)


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dude! this kicks ass!

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