Friday, May 06, 2005

Microsoft IS a Major Problem.

For a while now, I hadn't thought much of Microsoft or Microsoft users as much more than a minor mistake, a joke that seems almost too absurd to be true. (The recent Microsoft is a Major Problem post just provoked laughter.) Who was I to care? I, in my isolated tower of the superior operating system and peaceful computer use, had no need to think of such bad jokes. And yet at long last, the honeymoon is over. I feel the pain of being part of that elite, and now I want blood.

Whose blood do I want? The developers of the Trees Program, who have given up on any further work on supporting OS X, despite the main developer himself being a Mac user, because they don't have enough funds to do so? No. The people who had convinced me to make the switch in the first place, seducing me with demonstrations of its not only clean but beautiful performance? No. The hegemons at Microsoft themselves for imposing such fascist tyranny in the land of computing? Slightly.

But the real enemies here are the users of Microsoft. I'm sorry, but they deserve all the viruses and worms that have been created. No, they deserve more. In 1995 it was no wonder that Microsoft had curried so much favor, but to keep supporting the hegemon a decade later, when not only Microsoft's flaws are evident but also when far better options exist, is to perpetuate its evil. So, a pox upon your houses, Microsoft users; a pox, and as many viruses and worms possible until you are forced to accept the truth: Microsoft is a major problem, and if you're one of its customers, so are you.

From the Microsoft Virtual PC site: "Windows running on a virtual machine is less susceptible to viruses than Windows running on a PC. It is unlikely that a virus will affect the Mac OS or Mac files..."


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